traders world online expo


1. Really enjoyed the Expo. Having it online is so convenient. The daily e mails were a great way for me to select the presentations I wanted to hear. Thanks for the warning about the audio I especially liked Rick Saddler and Dick Diamond.

2. Hi Larry...I only watched a couple of speakers, but thought it was very well done.
If there's a "next time", I'll take in the whole series.
I think it's a great forum for bringing together both sellers and traders.....easy to check out what is of interest.
Thanks again...Joel

3. Thank you for your efforts to assemble such a terrific three day event. In the past, this event occurred at times were I was unable to attend. I also thought “how good could this thing be on the net anyway”, “they always have room size or technical difficulties along with other issue that make the time invested more of a pain in the ass in so far as the effort needed to follow along.
Boy, was I wrong !
This Expo was a dream and something I will always attempt to make time for. TERRIFIC !!
look forward to the Archives as I anticipate spending considerable time on a few.
Many thanks.

4. Good speaker lineup. 

5. Thanks Larry I enjoyed it very much. As a novice trader I'm certainly looking
forward to more. Great work.

6. I enjoyed the Traders World Online Expo IV very much. I look forward to receiving your information on downloading the recordings. Thanks.
Best regards, Tom

7. Yes very good event, its the future, in that no travelling, just stay at home hearing some of the best people in the industry talk about there different styles of trading ON YOUR COMPUTER , (as well as different markets, I traded the S & P futures) 

8. All in all, it was informative and useful for any trader. Sometimes the audio wasn't as good as one would have liked, but that's technology . . . it will improve with time. Did you record each presenter? If so, when and where will they be available?

9. The presentations are useful, and clear. Visual and audio reception are also very clear.
However, due to the time zone differences, and I have to work the next day,
I only manage to catch the first 1 or 2 presentations for the day, except for the last day. Understand that the presentations will be available for download next week. That is great!

10. Thanks very much for what you do. I only trade options for my little personal account . I love
your business plan and I learn from each one of these guys. Wish i would have learned about
you sooner.

11. I first want to thank you very much for hosting this learning experience. I listened for the first three days.
My comments are as follows:
I enjoyed most the presentations by Larry Pesavento, Carolyn Boroden, Jim Forte, and a few others I can't recall at the moment. I like those who discuss harmonics, geometry, market structure, and astrology; I hope you may in the future get more of these sorts of experts (you know who they are). 
Regards, Michael

12. Very much for having it. I had missed a few lectures however, I am looking forward to listening to them over again once they get posted. Pease keep me info as to where and when we may listen to them again
Thank you again

13. Thank you very much for the past three days, I thoroughly enjoyed the webinars
and appreciate what Tradersworld Onlinexpo has done. Some of the wider world
views were very interesting to put what has and is happening into context.

14. Thanks for your note. I could see a lot of work went into putting on the conference. I found most of the speakers interesting. There were a couple where I had to take calls or go out and I missed some parts so I'm looking forward to watching the archived versions. 

15. Well online expo is good. 

16. Hello Larry! Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend the
series of lectures during the Traders Expo IV. It was very educational for me
to listen to many experts about their specialties etc
Best regards,

17. A good event. Suggest you make future editions more interactive.

18. It was my first time, i have heard about it from Toni Hansen on the morning of the 22nd, i have attended all the day that day and a part of it on Friday. it was amazing, well organizer, good subject, I will be back:o) I will glad to see the recording again and get the slide presentations as well.
Talk Soon

19. I somehow missed the email giving me the dates and I only caught part of the last two days.
What I did catch was very helpful as I am new to the trading business and still looking for my nich.
What you presented in the expo, especially letting me download what I missed will save me many hours of sifting through the various systems and markets until I find the one I feel comfortable with.
Looking forward to your email and MANY THANKS.

20. I had a wonderful time watching your EXPO. It was very interesting and informative.
I picked up a lot of good tip and suggestions. If you ask me, will I attend anymore of these EXPO'S, the answer is YES.

21. Enjoyed and learned alot. So many methods of how to trade and what to look for. I was not able to view all of the presenters. 
Thank you for this presentation. 

22. I have attended only one event featuring Joel Rensink. The presentation went smooth without any technical glitches. The app run up quite well and everything seemed very straightforward. As for Joel's presentation -- it was brilliant and very well put together. I wish to see him again on your next year's event as the methodology he presented is one of the best I have seen in my short trading career (around 3 years)
Thank you Larry for the Expo, it was great event. I will be definitely joining next time.
Best regards

23. Did not see much of the Expo because of time differences but of what little I did see it was very good indeed. Keep them coming. Looking forward to seeing the recordings to catch up on what I missed.

24. First I want to thank you for 3 days of some very informative content. I did pick up some techniques that I believe have promise and will try them.
Again Thank You;

25. Very useful seeing the different methods without the bother of travel.
My only suggestion would be to allow 1.5 to 2.0 hours, when requested, for a presentation. 
Thank You,

26. Thank you for an excellent series of presentations! It was great to be exposed to so many different approaches to the markets. There were several that I cannot ever see myself using for my trading... but it was still worth looking everything over. The presentation by Joel Rensink was fantastic! I'm a huge fan of his... especially since my account is up over 900% in under 6 months trading one of his VBO methods.

27. Terrific webinars. I wish you were on every day. Great speakers, some very impressive. Keep up the good work and lets have them more often. 
Loved the presentations! A great chance to sift through a variety of traders in a short period of time.
Can't wait for the recordings.

28. Would love to see the presenters' actual trades for the last few months, as proof of their systems' accuracy. Maybe a spreadsheet of the trades, plus an equity curve for a quick glance at the profit.

29. Thanks for hosting this again. It is always great to attend. I trade full time and while I don't "attend" every webinar I do usually have the ones I'm not as interested in running in the backround. I always like Murrey. Maybe next year you could give him more time? I especially liked the presentation from Earik from WAVE 59. 

30. Just my .02 cents worth! And I did enjoy the Expo, I listened to Carolyn Borodon and to John O'Donnel. Both were excellent.
Thank you!

31. First experience. Great concept and speakers. May defer trading while the next expo is online. Wonder if the sessions are archived.

32. Great program! Speakers were Pros. I loved Larry's soft spoken, no nonsense approach.

33. Excellent speakers as always, very informative AND entertaining !!

34. Overall I enjoy most of the speakers. 

35. It was Great....Thanks Larry...

36. Liked the format, but wish the presenter's were given more time.

37. I have enjoyed listening to all of your speakers this week. A great service that you have brought to people online at this time in our economy. We all need to learn how are manage our own money. Thank you very much...

38. Excellent variety of trading material. There was something for everyone. It was also very easy to access. I really look forward to being invited to the next one.

39. I like most about trading plan

40. Very informative with widerange of subjects

41. Amazing opportunity to get to know what veteran traders have to say about trading. Gave me some new ideas and insight.

42. The expo is very helpful to see what different people are should be marketed more is better than some webinars i've attended that have over 1500 about offering the presentations @ 1 per nite for 2 weeks per month, 6 times a year ....90 to 120 minutes presentations (w/break for long sessions)...with ample Q&A time...some of the presenters were nervous and that is understandable, but they will improve should talk w/ John Needham of the daniel code to present

43. Great

44. It was fabulous & convenient. I enjoyed the presenters and all the information they provided. Larry a special thank you, for establishing this amazing Online Expo. I can't wait to review some of the webinars so I can analyze which system best suits my trading personality. Can't wait to see what Traders World Online Expo V, will bring.

45. Excellent

46. Excellent presentations, wish I could watch these all the time

47. Excellent concept and very useful

48. I found it very informative and a great source of information. I would pay to hear the information from professional traders that you have provided for free. Thankyou Larry!

49. I was very impressed by the quality of the speakers, the quality of the presentations and the fact that it was so easy to link into by computer.
I was working nightshift until 7am (NZ time) and was able to see them at work and caught the rest of the sessions on returning home. What a great 3 days.
I am amazed at the speakers giving their expertise so freely and Tradersworld Online for hosting the past 3 days. Please thank everyone involved, it was the best time that I have had in a long time

50. It was awesome!!! A little bit of a Marathon as I never left my screen for 3 days!

51. Liked it very much, thanks

52. its good

53. Great!

54. Excellent. I would not have been able to attend a conference like this in person at all. This a terrific way to have many many people attend from all around the world.

Thank you for making this available!

55. very good opportunity to listen to what others are teaching

56. I thought it was great ! most of us traders spend hours in front of our screens
why not recieve an education while watching a webinar.
Have one once a month !!! I got a chance to put to work some of the ideas that were presented.while I was in front of my computer.

57. Did not watch all the presentations, but I thought most were geared to the beginning trader. I have been trading for 3 years now, so I already knew a lot of what they were saying. I did find a few things helpful though. Thanks for putting this on.

58. excellent

59. The format is great and I learned a lot of new information. I am very happy with the whole concept and look forward to attending many more expos in this fashion. I intend to follow up with at least four of the speakers and their services!

60. I was happy to be notified about it (by Toni Hansen). I couldn't find a list of speakers. I started on Thursday, so don't know what else was on before that. I can use some speakers' material, not others (naturally). I'm glad you did it.

61. I felt all of the presenters were extremely professional and had mastered their presentations.

62. It was helpful to me. I will do it again. Thanks.


64. excellent

65. I have a lot to learn.

66. great avenue to help educate, explore, and learn about the trading enviroment.

67. I only caught the end of it... seemed good but I would prefer to watch it recorded where I can skip to the most interesting speakers. I was hoping to watch Joel Rensik but I missed his presentation.

68. I think its wonderful hope you recored it and make it public

69. The concept is very good. I got my details from Joel, so I was interested to hear him speak. A lot of speakers looked like salesmen, which is because they basically were. I would doubt that many full time traders hung around as it was pitched below them. I think that if some of the speakers imparted so freebie information, that would be good. I felt a lot were holding back giving anything away that they considered proprietry.

70. Very informative, good presentations, a chance to hear about methods of trading that I hadn't yet been exposed to.

71. it rocks

72. This was my first attendance and I like the format.

73. very good although I am inexperienced.I liked Larry's calm approach

74. Very great for me because it give a lot of ideas and some important understanding.

75. Absolutely outstanding. Thank you.

76. Great trading ideas and great speaker.

77. First time attending - great variety of speakers, several presented solid ideas, trading priciples and techniques

78. Very good, enjoyed hearing from successful traders.

79. I really enjoyed the Expo, it is always top notch

80. Just wish the replay was free

81. Very good

82. It meets its objectives - helps traders (like me who are far off, who cannot afford to attend a seminar in person) bringing them various sessions, live from good speakers who have very good experience. Thanks for the good work, Larry!

83. Great idea - missed some good speakers due to other work / family commitments and had trouble logging on using my laptop (my problem not yours).

84. Would be interested in any other "webinar" sessions you might have planned.

85. I thought it was good.

86. great teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

87. The seminar is very useful and very informative.

88. The online format is extremely convenient and exposes customers to products in an interactive format that may not be feasible otherwise. The availability of recordings is a huge plus, since many have schedules that don't permit realtime attendence (you may consider pushing some presentations later, after trading/working hours.

89. Great

90. Great job Larry
I sure love the convenience of this although it is hard to do on weedays for me.
I'm glad to be able to review the presentaions I missed.

91. I thought it was very well organized and on schedule. Thank you Larry and team! The subject content was varied and covered a broad range of topics which was great. I would like to hear more about money management as I think that is most important topic facing most traders. I was surprised to find on the last day that 30%+had 10 or more experience in trading. Also interesting that 50% of the traders consider themselves successful. Thank you Larry!

92. It hasn't even ended yet, so how can I give full feedback? Overall, so far, it's been very good.

93. This Expo has been thoroughly enjoyed. TradersWorld Magazine quite unexpectedly was discovered last month at a local Barnes and Noble. How I have missed it thusfar is indeed a puzzlement. Nevertheless, the wide range of systems, personalities and topics which were presented this week has been very appreciated! The professionalism, easy format and on-time schedules made the week quite beneficial to a newbie like me. Thank you so much. I look forward to the archives, future Tradersworld Expos/Magazines.

94. A variety of viewpoint were aired, questions were taken, presentations were varied including live demonstrations. The whole thing was efficiently run by Larry Jacobs. I hope all the presentations will be available again somehow after the expo because being in Australia I could not stay up all night to listen to all the presentations.

95. Excellent and informative.

96. Very interesting - it was great to learn about the different perspectives and techniques used by the presenters.

97. Great. All in the comfort of your own home.

98. great thank you

99. very professional, the best that I have attended

100. Enjoyed it.

101. I want to review your seminar again.

102. very informative and well presented

103. Great

104. I really enjoyed the webinar last week. Great job putting all of that together. I'm sure it was a tremendous amount of coordination. I missed some of the sections. You mentioned that the webinar will be "archived". Could you please e mail to me instructions on how to access the archived webinar.

My English is not that good as I'm a person from the Netherlands.

The Tradersworld Online Expo was very beneficial for me:
- Only in this format I could have been exposed to these speakers and improve my knowledge
- I could pick the tracks I was interested in without having to travel (I'm based in The Netherlands)
- The way you handled the questions and guided the presenters was very pleasant and relaxed

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