Robert Miner - Multiple Time Frame Trade Strategies with Dynamic Trader

Learn to use MTF (Multiple Time Frame) Trade Strategies for Time, Price, Pattern and Momentum to identify High Probability Trades with minimal capital exposure.List of Speakers Details

Bio - Robert Miner is the author of one of the best selling trading book of all time, High Probability Trading Strategies. He has been educating traders for over 30 years .

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John Karnas - Day or Swing Trend Trading with TrendFollowingTrades.com

Why the Method that Trend Following Trades LLC., uses works for so many types of markets, timeframes and instruments

Bio - Having a real life story to share, a company and indicators built around that story creates a seamless task to learn from start to finish. Amplified by not seeing much else good out there, bad influences growing every day and seeing the ugly still present

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Steven Primo - A Powerful Strategy For Capturing Powerful Trending Markets

Join Steven Primo, former Stock Exchange Specialist and 40-year veteran trader, as he shares with you a very simple yet powerful method that can get your trading back on track for the last months of 2017 and into 2018.

Bio - Steven Primo, founder of SpecialistTrading.com, is a former 9-year Stock Exchange Specialist and has been actively involved in trading the markets for more than 40 years. Steve traded during the crash of '87 while making markets in over 50 stocks.

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Steve Wheeler - NaviTrader, Inc - 3 Powerful Ways to Automate Your Trading

Trade Management is the #1 key to your trading success. Much like the success of business or even one’s own life, how you manage it is KEY to success. We know this and that is why we have built-in these 3 powerful ways to automate & simplify your trading

Bio - Steve has been trading over 30 years. He is the developer of the Trendicators/TradeFinder/Automator Market Tools that help traders in the Futures/FOREX/stock markets. He has authored many publications as well as trained/coached Traders all over the world.

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Steve Gregor - Harmonic Wave Convergence

Multiple Time Frame Analysis Using Just 1 Chart and 1 Channel

Bio - Trader and Educator since 2004. PC Magazine Award Winner, Discovered Harmonic Wave Convergence.

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jake bernstein - Chief Trader Network Press

Success with 100% Rule Based Trading

Bio - www.jakebernstein.com

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Andrew Pancholi - Market and Geopolitical Timing

Success with 100% Rule Based Trading

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