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Nov - Dec 2016




[name] = Steve Wheeler

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[Company] = NaviTrader

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[Phone] = 800-987-6269

[Background] = Steve trades in the stock/options/futures and FOREX markets. He has been actively trading for the past 25 years. He developed the Trendicator charts, TradeFinder Market Analyzer and Automator Trading System that are used by thousands of discretionary traders around the world. He has authored many publications on trading including Financial Independence through Trading Stocks, Options & Futures. He speaks nationally/internationally to trading groups. He is an honors graduate from University of WI & graduate school at the University of MN.  He was a CPA before becoming a full-time Trader.

[Title_of_Presentation] = How to be on the Winning Side of the Trade! 5 Essential Techniques

[Introduction] = Would you like to trade for only a few hours a day & generate consistent, unlimited profits? Watch & Learn. Discover Powerful Ways to Gain Control of your Trading; Make your Trading Easier and More Productive; Take Less Trades & Get More Profits; Protect your Existing Profits so you can Compound; Better Understand & Utilize Price Action. Learn how to have hassle-free trading with these little-known Secrets that will give incredible POWER & efficiency to your trading. Compound consistent profits, day after day, with NEW trading knowledge that only a handful of trading professionals have uncovered. DON'T MISS THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION to take YOUR TRADING to a HIGHER LEVEL of Profitability!

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