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Title: Selling Options for Profits and Hedging 

Description: Larry’s AHA trading strategy that’s allabouttakingadvantageofthegreattrading benefits thatSellingOptions andOptionSpreads provideforboththe highest probability ofwinningtrades andfor quickly hedgingrisk onanycore trade. The passivity of this method,whencorrectly used,is thatitallows you to create incomewhileyouareworkinginacorporateorotherjob, or enhance your retirementincome.That’s thedefinitionoffinancialfreedom, and you couldprobably callthatpretty priceless.

Bio: Larry Gaines has becomeoneoftheleadingcoaches forsuccessfultraders and investors.Hecontinues todevelopandhost,every month,newtrading educational programs tohelptraders andinvestors generategreater income fromtheir investmentcapitalwithless risk exposure.Hefounded PowerCycleTrading.comandthePower CycleVirtualTradingRoom following over 30years ofprofessionaltradingexperienceinthecommodity and equity markets.During his tenure as headofaninternationaltradingcompany thatoftentraded a billion dollars’worthofcommodities inasingleday,helearnedfirst-hand the necessary elements ofasuccessfultradingsystemandtheuse of options.Using this in-depth knowledgeandexperience,Larry developedthePowerCycle Trading™ Modeltoallowfor greater profits withamoredisciplined,systematic degree oftradingsuccess."



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