Traders World Online Expo #18
Nov - Dec 2016




Name Kurt Capra
Company T3 Live
Phone 1.888.998.3548

Vice President of Training and Education

TitleDon't Fear Forex: How to Trade the World's Hottest Market

DescriptionAre you sick of watching stocks go nowhere? 

Traders just like you are turning to this hot market...

I'm hosting a special training session to introduce you to a hot market that is:

Attracting stock and options traders in droves

Full of profitable trading opportunities

Easy to learn

Join me now!

 BackgroundKurt Capra has been a trader for 9 years. Kurt 's initial success came in trading equity futures and ETFs with his time-tested technical analysis methodology. He believes that "if you can chart it, you can trade it," which is why he developed a system that works on any instrument, in any market, on all time frames. This is why Kurt has built such a strong following within the T3 community. Many of our traders use a combination of stocks, ETFs, forex futures, and options, and are seeking a comprehensive strategy that can be applied across the board. Today, Kurtfocuses on applying his trading methodology to the forex markets, and helping investors learn to successfully trade the forex markets. He also serves as lead moderator for our online forex trading community. In this highly liquid, 24/7 market, Kurt finds regular opportunities for intraday trades, swing trades, and long-term investments. If you'd like to learn Kurt 's comprehensive forex trading system, we recommend you learn about his Forex Profit Accelerator Trading Lab.

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