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Trading with TurnSignal-Better Entries and Better Exits  

By Jim Shane 


TurnSignal Inc. 


Trading is hard. It requires a serious dedication of your time, money and effort along with a strong sense of discipline and focus to be successful.  


So what is the best way to trade? This is a very personal question for each individual trader to answer so, there is no simple solution. Every trader has attended webinars, read articles and even tried software to help them make sense of the markets. Since each trader has been through a different set of experiences, everyone sees the markets differently. Our presentation of TurnSignal and the TurnSignal indicators will show you how you can use our indicators to see what's going on in the market at the moment that you are deciding to enter or exit a trade. We think using TurnSignal will give you the information you need to make better entries and better exits.


Trading with TurnSignal can be a solution for almost any style of trading. Our indicators will overlay the charts created by NinjaTrader, eSignal and TradeStation and will soon be available for Multicharts. TurnSignal indicators can be used on any market and in any timeframe and provide a view of market movement which allows you to quickly identify current market conditions, allowing you to make better entries and better exits.


As an example, below are two images of the same candlestick chart, the first with no indicators and the second enhanced by overlaying six separate TurnSignal indicators at the same time. Clearly the information provided by the indicators makes it easier to find direction and momentum in the market movement.


In conclusion, there are as many ways to trade as there are traders in the world. Using indicators to identify significant moments in market movement, combine events to create executions, develop strategies to back test ideas and even to automate these ideas to let the software do the work, are all possible in today's modern trading world. The TurnSignal indicators are all callable for use in strategy development and automation on all of our platforms. There is also a set of alerts, already available for TurnSignal for NinjaTrader. With TurnSignal, you can see immediately what's happening on the chart in front of you, so you can make better entries and better exits.


You can visit TurnSignal's website at 

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