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The Peaceful Trading Computer

Sonata Trading Computer III

by Larry Jacobs

Today trading computers require more power than at any time. They operate several screens so the investor can observe a large number of graphs, view information web sites as well as pay attention and take part in trading forums. The regrettable side-effect is these kinds of highly effective computer systems are loud. The main producers for example, Dell and Hewlett Packard don't truly layout their computer systems for reduced noise. They are made from poor components to make money. Firms that do focus on trading computers over the internet tend to be more serious in developing computer systems for power, not for silence. Most of these websites boast their computer systems speeds up to 4.5GHz. They tell you just how the computer systems have reduced noise, even so, do not believe them. You can obviously see in the components, which they use such as cases, video cards, case fans, and CPU fans that these computer systems are obviously loud!  

So why do these higher highly effective trading computers create noise? This is because whenever you put a higher performance CPU in the computer it will run warmer than a reduced powered Processor. The stock Processor cooler provided by Intel will spin more to help keep it cool. Even the power supply will even run quicker and even louder to keep the pc cool.  

It is crucial that the trading pc be quiet. The background noises of a trading pc disturb a trader’s focus. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says that background sound even affects the health of an individual by raising the tension levels and may even affect an individual's hypertension, heart disease, peptic stomach problems and migraines. In addition, they state that the sound even affects your function within the prefrontal cortex, the psychological understanding middle that manages preparing, thinking and behavioral instinct manages. Consequently, for me, this might interrupt your ability to successfully trade the markets. 

Your pc has an effect in your achievement in buying and selling the markets for 2 factors. Very first an out-of-date reduced speed pc cannot monitor the markets accurately. It could give you sluggish quotes, graphs as well as executions. This can cost your hard earned money. 2nd as mentioned above, it's feasible for your loud trading pc impacts your higher thinking processes, hampering what you can do to trade effectively. 

Traders World created the Sonata Trading Pc to be peaceful, yet extremely effective. It's as effective as any other pc made by those specialized firms that make buying and selling computer systems and yet peaceful. Sonata may be the only peaceful trading pc produced on the planet. Just how is the Sonata created to be peaceful but extremely effective? 

The case utilized in the Sonata is made for quietness. We make use of a specifically created case that has soundproofing on sides and the front panel to considerably decrease noise. The front and back 120mm fans in the case are large and quiet. The fan speed is managed through the speed control in the bios from the system board. All noise is lowered to decrease sound.  

The video cards used in this computer are powerful, and use large 120mm fans to help keep them silent. 

The power supply used has a large 120mm fan on the bottom of the case forcing the air-flow directly up and then out of the back of the case. Power supply is guaranteed for 5 years. 

The CPU cooler used is the Hyper 212, which uses a large quiet anti-vibration 128mm fan controlled by the motherboard bios. 

The motherboard uses large heatsinks to control temperature with no small fans to make noise. The motherboard can easily run (overclocked at full load at 4.5GHz) and idle at 3.4GHz. 

Additionally the Sonata has the option of a Solid State Drive, which is also silent. It is faster and more reliable. 

So the perfect silent trading computer is the Sonata, with its combined silent case, video card, motherboard, power supply and drives. 

Sonata has a base configuration, Intel Core i7-2600 @3.8GHz, Asus P8P67 Certified B3 motherboard, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1Terabyte SATA III Drive, 4 Monitor Support, Windows 7 64bit OS with 1Yr. warranty for only $1477.00 (6-monitor support add $99.00, 8-monitor support add $199.00 and add a 128GB SSD for $225) comes with free shipping in the U.S. Does Not Include Hawaii or Alaska. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. 

For more information go to Sonata Trading Computers.

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