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MCIM - Forty Years of Professional Equity Trading

By Steve Selengut

Equity trading strategies in a much-lower-than-usual-risk environment; outperforming the market and becoming "income-prepared" for the long haul. The Market Cycle Trading Investment Management methodology has been producing just these benefits for 4+ decades.

The Dow and S & P 500 are roughly 15% below 2007 levels; professional fund managers couldn't beat a flat s & P in 2011; while Market Cycle Trading has been positive, and impressively.

Index components of MCIM trading focus your efforts on quality, income producing equities and income CEFs; thus minimizing your risk while taking advantage of market volatility. The Investment Grade Value Stock Index (IGVSI) has overtaken its 2007 highest level twice, the WCMSI (Working Capital Model Select Income) Index has outperformed both the DJIA and the S & P 500 since their 2007 highs!

MCIM traders take advantage of market volatility at any level, cheering rallies and corrections with equal enthusiasm. Consider this:

What if you (a) only, ever, purchased Investment Grade Value Stocks (and only when their prices were at least 20% below 52-week highs), and (b) absolutely always had at least 30% of your portfolio invested in closed end income funds? Then, with reasonable profit-taking targets and some neat asset allocation tricks, you traded wantonly, without reservation? Wow!

Now project the market volatility of the past four years back in time through the last four decades --- and what have you got? Isn't it time to embrace an old fashioned (i.e., time tested) trading methodology that have prospered through 40 years worth of cycles and market volatility.

How many of you had transformed your gains into cash prior to the '87 crash and were fully reinvested during the October panic? Were you protected from the dot-com bubble by a disciplined aversion to IPOs, NASDAQ listed securities, and open end mutual funds? Market Cycle Trading methodology users have their hands in the air.

Professionals can obtain third party prepared performance data covering actual portfolios during this period by email to sanserve-at-aol-dot-com.

Steve Selengut
Author of "The Brainwashing of the American Investor:
The Book That Wall Street Does Not Want YOU To Read"




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