Traders World Online Expo #18
Nov - Dec 2016





By Larry Pesavento

My webinar will focus on trading Forex for profit using a pattern recognition swing trading methodology developed through my 45 years as a professional trader. He advantages of trading Forex for profit will be illustrated in each webinar attendee will receive a daily follow-up e-mail for one month illustrating the principles and trading Forex for profit'

the patterns demonstrated in the webinar will work on any actively traded markets due to a simple market principle. That principle is that the market can only move in three directions. It can go up down or sideways. It is the traders ability to determine the trend and identify patterns within that trend. Once a trader can prove to himself that Forex for profit will work in any market is well on his way to success this.

Using daily e-mails will help illustrate the power of pattern recognition swing trading to each of the webinar attendees allowing them to see firsthand how pattern recognition works in forex, futures and stock indices.

Trading is not about one particular thing why pattern recognition. Money management and risk control are truly the most important elements in trading for a living. But the trader must have a positive expectation of winning and that each trade return at least 21 for each dollar at risk. The applied mathematics department of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has appeared to prove that this is a reliable, viable and time-tested methodology. My webinar will emphatically offered as proof.

Trading is a journey not a destination! It takes discipline, dedication, and patience to become a professional trader but the journey is well worth the effort. I know of no other profession that offers the freedom and profit potential offered in trading.



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