Traders World Online Expo #18
Nov - Dec 2016




A Nemesis For Trading Performance

By Adrienne Toghraie, Trader’s Success Coach


In trading, performance is a key issue. Since performance is largely dependent on the right psychology, a trader’s psychological well-being is more critical to top performance in trading than it is in most other professions. When traders realize that performance is part of the overall picture and take the necessary steps to overcome the issues that weaken their discipline, they will begin to follow their trading rules. At this point, they have dramatically increased their chances of success in one of the most difficult professions.


There are many flavors of fear that traders face in the process of becoming a trader
and while they trade professionally.


How do you deal with the fear that holds you back from being the best trader you can be?

In this workshop/webinar, Adrienne will list and discuss all of the different reasons that fear sabotages traders in following their strategies. She will also talk about what traders can do to overcome those fears so they can stare them down with solutions.


Remember, you can have the best trading strategy in the world, but it will not serve you to the highest level of profit unless you can follow it.


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