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Nov - Dec 2016




Beyond the Andrews Legend  

By Ron Jaenisch  

This webinar is designed for the Beginner and Advanced Trader using market geometry or technical analysis.  

In the 1970’s there was a trader who sent out a weekly letter on Thursday. It gave a script to his students, the recipients, to read to their broker on Monday morning. The objective was to turn $5,000 into over $50,000 in less than three months, trading futures. The trader had been doing this once a year to help his word of mouth advertising campaign, for several years. In the 1970’s when I met him his business was booming. The trader was a retired professor who taught a trading course. His name was Professor Alan Andrews. To most traders he was the inventor of the Andrews Pitchfork or median line.  

Thanks to one of his students sending me the collection of weekly letters and teachings of Professor Andrews, dating back to the 1960’s, I was able to discover his principals and little known techniques that enabled him to make 1000% in less than three months. (youtube “The Treasure of Alan Andrews”)  


What we have learned is taught in the Expanded and Advanced Andrews Course.  

The webinar will go beyond giving you a basic understanding of using the Andrews and Babson Techniques. The webinar will show how they are combined with other popular indicators, for better results, when using market geometry or technical analysis.  

The principals and techniques behind Professor Andrews success will be discussed as well. A University of Vienna study found that the course techniques were the common thread connecting all the successful money managers in Vienna, over ten years ago. Recently a study was done that found which of the techniques course takers prefer to use. This is then communicated numerically on charts posted in the course group. This way a student can quickly see if their preferred technique is relevant. 





Above is a chart sent out in Early October of the S&P with the Andrews Course alpha and numerical codes for students. This is part of our quick start program for new traders. Below is the quiz given at the end.

How many years did it take Andrews to make his first Million?  

What is the source for the science behind How many years did it take Andrews to make his first Million?  

What is our source for the techniques?  

What did Andrews say was BEST for getting in near to a reversal?  

Why does the Median Line work?  

To find a large move ………..what did Andrews look for first?  

How scarce is the Advanced and Expanded Course?  

How does Andrews improve other techniques?  

If prices do not make it to the ML, what is the entry signal to reverse?  

What indicator is useful for finding the end of a move?  

What indicator would Andrews use to add on positions?  

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