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May 25th – June 26th – 2015

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Expo #17 Speakers and Topics

Here are some of the speakers and their topics:

  • Gail Mercer – Power of the THD Indicators with the Market Scanner
  • Dean Handley – Finding Transparent and Profitable Trade Rooms
  • Roger Felton – Roger Felton – Remarkable Results with Renkos
  • Steven Primo – New Way to Trade Bollinger Bands
  • Rande Howell – Mastering the Fear of the Unknown
  • Dr. Barry Burns – Improve Your Trading Psychology
  • Joel Pozen – Price and Volume the only True Leading Indicators
  • Richard Menjivar – Decoding Market Makers Volume & Price Action in the FX Market
  • Dr. David Hackbart – The Secrets of Safe Profitable Day Trading
  • George Krum – New Technical Analysis Tools
  • Lars von Thienen – Trading Social Media Sentiment Cycles
  • Jaime Johnson – Capital Exposure vs Probability
  • John Matteson – The Trend Continuation Trade
  • Adrienne Toghraie – Why Do Traders Lose?
  • Thomas Barmann – Activity Based Trading Success
  • Ken Chow – Turbo Charge Butterfly Pattern with Trend Strength
  • Gerald P. Reynaud – TraderMakers The Power of Rule based Trading
  • Enrico Malverti – Designing a Portfolio of Strategies
  • Dwayne Paschall, Ph.D. – Uncovering Market Secrets with Machine Learning and Data Science